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3 June 15 Vincent Ingala

Untitled_design_26_ June 28 Will Downing

Our Mission: To promote and produce only first class events which deliver a fantastic experience to the ticket buyer.

Founded in 2006, Marquee Concerts established itself as a spin off of Emmis Communications (ticker symbol: EMMS). For over 10 years the principals of this company have produced the radio shows for Emmis stations in New York: WQCD-FM, WRKS-FM and WQHT-FM. Marquee continues to produce the Emmis NY shows but also promotes concerts and events for partners in Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Baltimore as well.

Today Marquee Concerts is one of the premiere concert promoters in the northeast, producing hundreds of events across all spectrums and genres. Marquee is constantly researching new music trends, recognizing today’s up-and-coming entertainers, and expanding upon existing business relationships to put on the best shows possible and remain a competitive mainstay in the concert promoters industry.

For any questions or concerns, please contact info@marqueeconcerts.com

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